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We think we do a GREAT but don't take out word for it.  Our customers are happy to share their experiences with us.  Below are are comments/testimonials from our customers that show you why you can count on us to cover you from head gasket to tailpipe.  


 "I can always count on B&B Garage to get the job done right at fair costs!"

- Leon K. 

 "It is nice to have a shop that I can rely on.  I know they always put honesty first and hold true to their integrity.  I won't go to any other auto repair shop."

​- Mis'halyn N. 

 "Not only is there excellent service at the B&B Garage - there is a lifetime friendship for ME!! Thanks you guys for your professional business!"

​- Junann L. 

"B&B Garrage & Tow has helped me out more times than I can count. They are not part changers, B&B Garage & Tow are mechanics. I feel that the best of service that I can get for my vehicles are from them. The prices are very reasonable,  the quality of work is superb and they know what and how to repair vehicles. Small towns usually have the best people in them. I found that from Ryan, Frank, Susan, and Jon. You just can't find any better craftsmanship or better people than them. If you go anywhere to get your vehicle repaired....try them. Superb all the way around and most of all...Honest and hardworking is what I know about B&B Garage & Tow."

​- Angie G 

 "TPMS sensor in my tire replaced recently (a fault/alarm kept coming on from one of them, but I don't have the equipment to investigate myself.) After B&B found the tire causing the fault, they ordered a new one for me and had it delivered same-day. Come to find out, a curb I hit (oops) during the winter had cracked it, hanging on by a thread and it had finally fallen off when they took apart the tire to investigate.We discussed replacement options for the sensor and gave me a couple of options. I went off their suggestion, they ordered me a new sensor and had it delivered same-day. I was in and out of there before dinner, and at about $100 less than I thought it would be.These guys are great, knowledgeable and professional. Direct and to the point, no fuss. As someone who knows little about cars as a whole, it's hard to find a trustworthy shop, but I'd definitely recommend this place."

​​​- Lantz M. 

"It's hard to find a good mechanic. Someone you can trust to give you a fair price and be honest about the work that your car actually needs. Because of this we drug my feet getting our car in when the heater started having problems. Eventually, we had no heat...and the weather was getting colder.  We couldn't take it anymore! A friend suggested B&B Garage & Tow. She had been taking her vehicles there for a while and only had good things to say. So we figured we would take it in and have them look at it.  We talked to Ryan about what was going on and he assured us that he would do everything he could to help.  It took him no time at all to figure out the problem and get the part needed.  We left there with a working heater, more money in our pockets than we expected, and, we now have a good mechanic!  They were very friendly and knowledgeable.  We suggest them to all of our friends and family!"

​- Don & Tisha P. 

"Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain. Integrity is doing the right thing even if nobody is watching. Good people possess integrity as their highest value. They don't ask for any attention, or praise, or special recognition. They simply get busy and do what needs to be done. When something goes wrong, they don't complain or become mired in frustration. Instead, they do whatever is necessary to make it right. When they say they will do something, they follow through and take whatever actions are necessary to get it done. They make a positive difference and create real value.

This is B&B Garage & Tow.

On a road trip this past January my Subaru outback shut down while I was driving it through the remote canyon lands of Utah. I was in route to a climbing trip in Red Rock. The tow truck driver promised me a good shop, driving me 100 miles back the way I had just come, to Moab. My car was there 9 days and close to a lot of $ later I had a refurbished engine, and was promised I was good to go - my car had a second life. I was psyched!

Back in town about a week later, I knew I still needed to get my power steering fixed, so - upon the recommendation of several of my pretty knowledgeable and trusted friends, I called up B&B Garage & Tow. They got my car in right away. Later that day I had a call from Ryan - very concerned as I was out of oil and there was a giant mess under the hood. Later we found out I had an engine that was not okay (to put it mildly) - that was put into my car.

Long story short, they found me a new engine, pulled out the old one, checked the prices I was charged by the Moab shop, replaced things ruined by the dysfunctional engine - and spent probably about 40 hours dealing with the Moab shop, insurance agent, claims adjuster - just to ensure I did not pay a dime for the faulty work .

** They did this at absolutely zero personal gain to their shop. They did this for me as a first time customer, because they knew what had happened to me was very wrong. I still don't really know why, other than these people simply are good people. They do excellent work. They are honest. They make things right. Ryan, Frank, Jon and whomever else -- Thank you so much. 

​– Sarah H.